After over 20 years working on diversity issues at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU), I decided to retire. I enjoyed teaching and developing diversity related events and activities, and I really miss working with the wonderful students at CMU! But retirement has brought an exciting change in my life. I am now rediscovering my love of painting. I am learning about painting with acrylics and working on a variety of subjects as I try to develop some skills.

Working on Pet (dog) Portraits is my favorite activity. In each painting I try to bring out the special character of each dog in a way that photographs don’t always capture.

Pet Portraits

While at CMU I gained my doctorate in the field of “Cultural Studies in Computer Science” from the School of Computer Science. My research interests included the culture of computing, broadening participation in computing fields, unconscious bias, gender myths and stereotypes. I published many papers and co-authored two books:

Cracking the Digital Ceiling: Women in Computing Around the World
editors Carol Frieze and Jeria Quesenberry, Cambridge University Press, 2020

Kicking Butt in Computer Science: Women in Computing at Carnegie Mellon University
Carol Frieze and Jeria Quesenberry, Dog Ear Publishing, Nov. 2015

At CMU I was thrilled to be awarded the 2017 CRA A. Nico Habermann Award, which recognizes someone who has made outstanding contributions to increasing the numbers and/or successes of underrepresented members in the computing research community. I also received the 2016 AccessComputing Capacity Building Award, and the 2015 Carnegie Mellon’s Mark Gelfand Service Award for Educational Outreach.